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6620 W Shaw Butte Dr Glendale Arizona 85304


Abaka Foundation

A celebration of Culture!!!


​  Abaka celebrates the diversity of cultures and experience with the goal to bring people together in order to foster learning, understanding and compassion for all people!!!  Our mission is to help spread interest and understanding of Filipino language and culture to future generations of Filipino American children as well as children from all cultural backgrounds.


Abaka Foundation is a non-profit organization was opened in February 2012 to serve the needs of our growing Filipino American community here in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then the school has earned praise for its commitment and community involvement.


Our vision is to create a fun, creative and nurturing environment for children interested in learning about Filipino language and culture.  Language learning should be fun, practical and interactive.   We strive to be a center of learning and culture and a model for other schools across the country. 

"is the only foundation that offers a complete Filipino Language Immersion program for children in Phoenix metropolitan area"