Sunrise Foundation

De Castro Elementary School

Pasig, Philippines

Sunrise Foundation is a small private organization founded by Crescent Brewer with the help of her Abaka Foundation friends here in Phoenix Arizona, their mission is  to help special needs students at De Castro Elementary School in Pasig City, Philippines.

Sunrise Foundation mission is to provide a quality education to special needs students by helping them with school supplies, food, clothes and technology.

FEEDING PROGRAM 2016 with Ambassador of Goodwill ​​JB Markowski and 

FEEDING rogram with Sophia Tinsley 2017

 we offer a FREE complete weekend Language Immersion program and Rondalla Ensemble for ALL children in Phoenix metropolitan area.

At Abaka Foundation believes that Education is a right and it is everyone's right to be at school!!! Please donate so we can help these children with special needs  at Sunrise Foundation.

For more information please call: 602-677-2968

All donations are tax deductible..

​Mailing Address: 

6620 W Shaw Butte Dr Glendale Arizona 85304