Marcy Goma- MsEd TVI



In 2012, Marcy Goma the founder of Abaka Foundation who is a Filipina mom came together to talk about the possibility of creating a Filipino class with her Friend Leda Fabian where their children could learn Tagalog, learn about their culture, and be outdoors and learn the heritage . Marcy wanted her daughter to learn about their rich history and heritage! Marcy Goma and Leda then, envisioned a learning environment that would “fill the gaps” of their formal school education. They also recognized the power of learning in community and so the idea of Abaka Foundation was born.






                                             Board of Directors
   Ryan David Winkle MBA

​Marketing Director

  Mesa City Councilman

       District 4 



Ihman Esturco

Culture and Arts Director

  Stage/TV actor

  Stage Play/ Film director


Marcy Goma

Educational Services Director


 Wayne Brewer

Media Relations Director​​

​Network Engineer


Abaka Foundation

"ABAKA  Foundation is the only foundation that offers a complete Filipino Language Immersion program for children in Phoenix metropolitan area"


Atty.Lemuel Carlos

Marketing Director

   Immigration Lawyer

   Lemuel Carlos Law Office


​Mailing Address: 

6620 W Shaw Butte Dr Glendale Arizona 85304


Leda Fabian