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At Abaka, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to help your student learn Filipino language and culture that will them help them to be a better citizen in our society.


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Every day your child spends with us will begin to understand  exceptionality, and individuality (human diversity.)

"ABAKA is the only foundation that offers a complete Filipino Language Immersion program for children in Phoenix metropolitan area"

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6620 W Shaw Butte Dr Glendale Arizona 85304


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Our School is lucky to have a talented staff of state-certified professionals.


Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where students feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. We challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best and help them over the hills and through the valleys of these growing years. ABAKA is particularly proud of its diversity and takes every opportunity to celebrate those characteristics that make us different. We welcome all who come through our door.